On Thursday, November 5, Dr. Deena Hinshaw addressed the public with an update on COVID-19 in Alberta

Over the past month, active and daily cases in Alberta have been climbing. On Thursday, Hinshaw was unable to give an exact number from the past 24-hours, but she said it was "about 800." 

The doctor said she's very concerned about the hospitalization numbers in the province's big cities. "We must protect our health system by reducing community transmission. The fact that we are now reporting 800 new cases is extremely concerning," she continued. 

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Active cases in Alberta

She said the number one cause of spread in Alberta is social gatherings.

In addition, Hinshaw said that reducing wait times for tests and adding contract trading could help our cause. 

More than once the top doctor insisted that things need to change right away.

"Unless our numbers decline dramatically in the next few days, we will have to consider additional measures to bring COVID numbers down in order to protect our health system," she said. 

She said we will soon see if reducing gathering limits in Calgary and Edmonton was beneficial. "If they are not, we must consider other options."

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