An Edmonton petition is getting some serious traction. People are coming together online and demanding that Don Knott School change its name. According to the petition, the school is named after a pro-KKK man who was once the mayor of Edmonton. The online form has gained a lot of momentum since being published on Monday, June 22. 

Following solidarity and anti-racism marches taking place all over the world, people and businesses have been being called out for racist displays

The latest establishment to be called out is an Edmonton public school named after Dan Knott. 

Dan Knott School, located on 80 Street North West in the city, was named after Daniel Kennedy Knott who was a “labour activist and politician” and mayor of Edmonton, says the school’s website

The online petition is calling for a name change after revealing that Knott was a supporter of the Ku Klux Klan. 

The petition posted on reads that the name should not be above the entrance to “an inclusive place of learning.”

“The school says they are inclusive to everyone, and I believe that the staff are, but I won’t let it be named after someone who didn’t stand against the Klan,” it continues. 

The statement is followed by the allegation that the night Knott was elected to be mayor, the KKK lit a cross on fire at Connor’s Hill. 

An Edmonton historian named Amber Paquette confirmed with CTV News that he did, in fact, celebrate with cross burnings and was quite close with JJ Maloney who was the leader of the KKK in the city.

But this isn't the first time Edmonton’s past has been called out publicly. 

In 2019, the University of Alberta released an article stating that a citizen historian was determined to expose the city's racist past that included Knott and the KKK. 

In regards to the school's name, the petition originally started Monday, June 22, with the goal of receiving 1,000 signatures. 

It's now just shy of its goal and as of the time of writing, there have been 932 signatures in support. 

This isn't the only Edmonton-based entity that has had a controversial name be called into question.

The Edmonton Eskimos have had their name deemed offensive and racist in the past and there was even a poll released that showed how many Canadians did not like the name. 

Despite the backlash, the team has decided to keep its name as of now. 

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