Now is a good time to find some awesome indoor activities to lean on when the weather goes south. Luckily, the movie scene in Edmonton is about to get a massive upgrade. Cineplex has just announced a whole series of launches around the city, including an Edmonton 4DX movie theatre, virtual reality, laser projection, and a whole lot more. The new introductions will begin to open their doors in October and through to December. Not to worry, each location will remain open during renovations. Whether you're a total film buff or just someone who likes to be entertained, you're going to love this. 

In a press release sent to Narcity, Cineplex announced plans to “expand its entertainment footprint in Edmonton with a series of exciting openings and new experiences.” Edmonton residents and visitors can get excited to check out immersive 4DX movie options, the latest in virtual reality technology, and more. 

A number of theatres around the city will be getting epic upgrades that will totally change your movie-going experience. The Edmonton theatres that will be getting various upgrades include Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton, Cineplex Cinemas Sherwood Park, Cineplex Odeon South Edmonton Cinemas, Cineplex Cinemas North Edmonton and VIP, and The Rec Room at South Edmonton Common. To learn about the upgrades each theatre will be getting, keep reading.

Scotiabank Theatre in West Edmonton Mall will soon be home to 4DX auditoriums. According to Global News, the 4DX auditorium is planned to open at the end of October 2019.

If you're not familiar with 4DX movies, you're in for a real treat. Cineplex explained in a press release that these high-tech theatres are fully-equipped with moving chairs, snow, wind, fog, rain, bubbles, and even scent. For example, if there's a shootout in a movie, audience members will be able to smell the gun powder. 4DX is basically as close as you can get to being in the movie yourself.

Many of Edmonton’s theatres will also be welcoming VRstudios which include VRcade ATOM pods “where guests can enjoy multiple solo and multi-player virtual reality games,” says the press release. This super cool virtual reality experience will be coming to Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton, Cineplex Odeon South Edmonton Cinemas, Cineplex Cinemas North Edmonton and VIP, and The Rec Room at South Edmonton Common.

On top of these exciting, high-tech updates, other Edmonton’s theatres will be outfitted with all recliner seating, bigger panoramic screens, and even laser projection technology. 

If you live in Edmonton, you’ll never want to watch a regular old movie again. This is a total game-changer and once you go, you might never look back. Calgary got their own 4DX theatre recently and it’s about time Edmonton got a turn.

We cannot wait to watch our favourite movies on the big screen in this full-immersive way. If you’re obsessed with Netflix lately, this might be the perfect excuse to get you out of the house. Winter is going to be chilly, you might as well get used to indoor activities now.

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