The City of Edmonton is cracking down on short-term home rentals including Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO. As of now, Edmonton Airbnb hosts will be regulated by the city through the introduction of a whole lot of red tape.

Regulatory measures that home-share hosts will have to deal with include applying and paying for a business license which costs $92, getting a property inspection by Alberta Health Services, proving they actually live on the property, and providing the city with contact information, according to The Star.

City administration released a report on Aug. 8 suggesting that a bylaw be created for Edmonton short-term housing. Edmonton's city administration looked to Toronto's model for inspiration. 

This change will be impacting tons of Edmontonians as the Edmonton home-share market has skyrocketed from only 44 listings in 2014 to 2,420 as of May, 2019. According to The Sun, 30% of current listings are located downtown Edmonton.

The City of Edmonton was growing concerned about noise, parking issues, garbage problems, and more. It was issues like these that led the city to look into the management of the short-term housing rental industry in Edmonton.

As of now, the bylaw change is ready to go in Edmonton, it's just a matter of how quickly council can push it through, said The Star.

The upcoming change may make it unfeasible for many Edmonton hosts to rent our their homes. As Airbnb and other similar companies help people earn passive or supplementary income, many people won't have the time or resources to navigate the new bylaws. The introduction of this new red tape will be a game-changer.

Currently, there is very little information on short-term home rentals in the City of Edmonton's website apart from bed and breakfasts and secondary rental suites. We can expect this to change very soon.

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