E-scooters have become a growing trend in major cities, and are a great way to get around. Companies like Lime and Bird have been setting up shop in cities across North America including Edmonton, Alberta. However, it appears that not everyone loves the new Edmonton e-scooters, as dozens of them have been burned in acts of vandalism.

The scooters were first introduced to Edmonton in August 2019. Speaking with the Edmonton Journal, Bird Canada general manager Alex Petre said that there have been instances of scooters being burned since September.

"The person doing this is mostly burning the top part of the scooter, which is actually where the brain is (or console)," Petre said, according to the Edmonton Journal, "We believe this is someone doing this in a pretty organized fashion just because of the sheer number of scooters we have found."

Petre also said that about 50 scooters were vandalized with fire, and while some were able to be repaired, others had to be fully replaced at a cost of roughly $1,000 per scooter.

"Hopefully this gets some attention and hopefully we can stop this kind of behaviour," Petre told the Edmonton Journal, "Everything else until this happened was "wow". We were amazed by how much people were adopting them in Edmonton. This really put a damper on things."

While the scooters appear to be popular in the city, they were not well-received by Edmonton mayor Don Iveson, who did not like how people were using the scooters on the sidewalks and riding without helmets.

"Frankly, from my point of view, it’s not going well," Iveson told Global News in September.

The acts of vandalism are being investigated by the Edmonton Police. According to Global News, in all 100 cities where Bird operates, nothing like this has ever happened.

According to the Edmonton Journal, scooters from rival company Lime have also been targeted, although a spokesperson declined to say how many were affected.

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