A new delicious donut shop is opening in Edmonton and everyone is excited (if you're not, you should be)! We are not exaggerating, we crept their IG comment section and locals have been losing their minds. If you're an Edmontonian, you might have come across a  donut account on Instagram called Moonshine Doughnuts. You also might have seen the founders Simon Underwood and Matthew Garrett handing out boxes of fresh donuts in Old Strathcona or City Hall. What you might not know, is that each donut is made with fresh, local ingredients and each flavour leaves our taste buds wanting more: cookie crumble, almond earl grey, horchata, lemon, ginger, winterberry prosecco and more.

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Just when we thought these donuts couldn't get any better, we found out via Instagram that Simon and Matthew will be opening their shop called Doughnut Party, and everyone's invited! Everything from the space, down to the logo on the cups are freakin adorbs! Located on 119th Street, we cannot wait to see what Doughnut Party has in store for Edmonton donut lovers!

The shop has yet to launch but if you want to attend the party, all you need to do is head over to their website and sign up to get invited. Gosh we are so excited that we donut how to contain ourselves. Check out a few photos of their infamous donuts below.

WARNING: the donuts tend to sell extremely fast so remember that the early bird gets the donut.


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