It's 2020 and buses are old news. Wouldn't you rather take a gondola to work and enjoy a view on your commute? Edmonton is planning a massive city gondola to ferry commuters across the city.

Prairie Sky Gondola is officially proposing the idea to the City of Edmonton on Tuesday, January 28. They say the gondola will be an addition to the city's transit system.

According to their website, the sky ferry will cut congestion in downtown Edmonton by offering a new mode of transportation. It's supposed to be three kilometres long and with have an astounding 78 cars.

There are three stops planned: one Downtown, one in West Rossdale, and one in Old Strathcona. A full-length trip would take roughly 12 minutes.

Spanning the river valley, the gondola is also expected to lower traffic on the downtown bridges.

The Edmonton Journal reports the gondola would be functional in 2024.

The gondola will be privately funded and operated, with construction costs estimated at around $120 million, according to CTV News. On their website, Prairie Sky Gondola assures it'll come at no cost for taxpayers.

The pricing per ticket is still yet to be decided.

Incredibly, Prairie Sky Gondola calculated an estimated 637,000 customers and over three million trips in their first year of operation, according to their feasibility study, wrote CTV News.

The expected success of the gondola might come as a great relief to some city councillors who remain unsure whether the project would fly or flop.

"What does it say about Edmonton if we have a non-functioning major piece of infrastructure that affects our skyline, that affects how Edmontonians feel about our city?" said Ward 5 Councillor Sarah Hamilton to CTV News.

Councillors will be discussing the project on Tuesday, January 28.

The gondola was first pitched to the Edmonton Project, a contest where Edmontonians could submit ideas for permanent attractions to the city.

As the winner of the competition in 2018, the gondola was anticipated to bring in more tourists to the city.

If you're looking for a more glamorous method of transit, keep an ear out for this. Between this gondola and Alberta's electric scooters, you could be riding in style in no time.

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