Masks have become the new normal in a lot of cities around Canada. Despite the new normalcy, Edmonton mask exemption cards have recently become a thing. They’re surprisingly easy to get and you don’t need an excuse to pick one up. 

Most cities in the province have been dictating through bylaws when and where people need to be wearing masks. 

In Banff, for instance, it’s mandatory for everyone to wear masks both inside and outside along Banff Avenue. 

As of Sunday, August 1 in Edmonton, wearing a mask or face covering was made mandatory in all indoor public spaces. 

The bylaw also applies to public transit and LRT platforms. It’s meant to stay in effect until Thursday, December 31, 2020.

According to the city's bylaw, there are seven exemptions in place surrounding covering your face. 

People who are under the age of two, people who aren't able to remove or place the mask themselves, or people who have a mental or physical condition are just a few examples of those listed exemptions. 

If you're consuming food or drink in designated areas you also don't need to wear one. So you need to wear one when entering a restaurant, for example, but you can remove it once you're at your table.  

Within the city, you also don’t have to wear a mask in schools, hospitals, or child care facilities. 

Since masks have become mandatory, the City of Edmonton has begun releasing mask exemption cards. 

These cards are for anyone who falls within one or all of the exemption categories listed in the bylaw, says the city.

Narcity has reached out to the City of Edmonton for a comment and we will update this story when we receive a response.

Receiving one of the cards is quite simple and you actually don’t need to show any medical proof to get one. All you need to do is self-identify.

“People can simply self-identify that they have a personal exemption and do not need to provide a reason or explanation of their exemption,” reads the city’s website. 

Some may wish to show an official signifier of their exemption, especially if they feel this will help them avoid potential questions from other members of the public, business owners/employees or City peace officers.”

The cards are 100% free. 

Under the frequently asked questions section of the city’s website, it reads that more than one exemption card can be provided per person if you happen to be picking one up for an individual who otherwise can’t. 

Right now, there are seven locations in the city to pick up a card. 

The locations are as follows:

  • Bonnie Doon Leisure Centre Pool
  • Calreview Community Recreation Centre 
  • Commonwealth Community Recreation centre 
  • Jasper Place Fitness and Leisure Centre Pool 
  • Kinsmen Sports Centre
  • Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre 
  • The Meadows Community Recreation Centre 

CBC News spoke with someone who recently obtained one of these cards.

According to the recount of the story, Connor Miller-Stephen went to one of the recreation centres on Saturday, August 8, and received one within minutes.

He didn’t need to provide any medical documents during the process. 

The city spoke with CBC News stating that each facility received a pack of 500 cards to give out. 

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