As the days go on, health officials are beginning to learn a lot more about COVID-19. While there are general symptoms that most people will face, some can experience more minor outcomes. An Edmonton paramedic tested positive for COVID-19 and her story may look a little different than most as she did not show any “telltale symptoms.” She is now warning the public to self-isolate even if you think you just have a cold. 

In Alberta, anyone with COVID-19 symptoms can now be tested

According to the Alberta Health Services website, symptoms can look similar to influenza. This could include fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, or runny nose. 

Those who are older, or have other medical conditions, can experience more extreme illnesses such as pneumonia or difficulty breathing. 

While these are the general signs of COVID-19, it does look different for everyone. 

An Edmonton primary care paramedic was recently diagnosed with COVID-19 but she claims she did not have any of its more typical symptoms.

Danielle MacDonald posted all about her experience on Facebook as a warning to the public to stay safe. 

According to the Calgary Herald, MacDonald is a primary care paramedic studying to become an advanced care paramedic.

According to the public Facebook post, she began self-isolating on Thursday, March 19, after having a slight runny nose and tingling in her throat. 

At first, MacDonald was not going to isolate but after talking to friends, she decided to contact 811. MacDonald felt “silly” and was worried she was letting people down because she was not working. 

By her own account, the paramedic did not experience any severe symptoms such as fever, sinus infection, or respiratory problems. 

On Monday, April 23, the Edmonton resident had a COVID-19 test swab and the next day her symptoms were gone. 

While waiting a week for her test results, MacDonald remembers feeling upset with herself as she thought her test results would come back negative. 

That following Friday, it was confirmed that she tested positive. 

“How could that be? I had none of the tell tale symptoms. And suddenly I felt a mix of scared and relief. Scared because what if I had infected anyone before I was symptomatic? What if I harmed my roomie? I felt relief that I had actually chosen to isolate,” she wrote. 

“I have no idea the amount of people I could have infected if I had gone out and assumed that I was fine.”

MacDonald is now using this as an opportunity to inform the public about staying home and self-isolating if you show symptoms, regardless of if you think you have COVID-19 or not. 

“I am young and healthy, but I could have put many people in the hospital if I didn’t take this seriously. You might even second guess yourself, but the only way that we are going to get through this is if you do your due diligence to keep other people and yourself safe,” wrote the Facebook post. 

A classic "better safe than sorry" situation has turned into a valuable learning experience thanks to this young Albertan. 

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