When it comes to extreme winter conditions, it's safe to say that Albertans get hit with some of the worst. From massive dumps of snow to tempratures way below freezing, we really can't catch a break during the many, many winter months. Though, there is one upside to all the weather-related torture, and that's the cold endurance we've ended up with. In a show of sheer bravery, Albertans were spotted drinking on a patio during -32 C weather last night, Tuesday, January 14. This comitted group of Albertans in Edmonton call themselves the Edmonton Polar Patio Club.

You know when it feels like your skin might freeze off and your hair turns white with frost? Apparently that sounds like ideal patio conditions for this beer-loving squad.

Last night was one of the coldest nights of the year, yet the patio of Rocky Mountain Icehouse in downtown Edmonton was completely full.

As it turns out, Polar Patio Club is a group of dedicated beer drinkers who meet twice monthly no matter the weather. Their comitment to the cause was put to the test last night and they completely came through.

Narcity caught up with Susan Forsey of Rocky Mountain Icehouse to get the scoop. "Everyone knows what winters are like in Edmonton. We will always have a cold snap or two which we become climatized to and then when it goes back up to -4 it seems balmy," she told us. 

We asked how it all began. "2 years ago after one of these cold snaps and it became ‘balmy’ my husband Wayne Jones said it’s beautiful out let’s do a pop up patio and have a beer," she explained.

After a successful patio pop up, their friends started wanting to join them and soon, so did customers. "We started it as a kind of joke saying we need to start our own private club and we came up with the name Polar Patio Club," said Forsey.

These Albertans are a true inspiration.

In order to become a member of the Polar Patio Club, all you need to do is show up and drink a beer on the patio. Once you've done that, you'll get your very own club patch.

The patio has tons of heaters and firepits so you'll be toastier than you think.

As you likely know, Alberta is in the midst of some of the coldest tempratures imaginable. In fact, during this cold snap, Edmonton will become one of the coldest places on earth.

Edmonton had a tough fall weather-wise and winter is proving to be even more diffictult.

Though, if the Polar Patio Club is any indication of what Edmonton locals can endure, they can totaly handle this.

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