The Edmonton Police are being investigated after a driver was shot and killed by an officer on Saturday night. After responding to a two-car collision, an incident occurred that lead to the driver of one vehicle being shot by the police. 

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The collision occurred at 66 Street and 123 Avenue, where police were told one of the vehicles involved was stolen. 

As the officers arrived on the scene, they approached what they believed to be a stolen vehicle. The male driver and the officers engaged in what is being called an "incident" in the media release provided by police. 

The altercation led the responding officer to discharge his service weapon, shooting and killing the driver of the vehicle. The man in the passenger side of the car was uninjured and taken into custody. 

Now the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team, more commonly known by their acronym ASIRT, is investigating the incident. Due to the ongoing investigation, the Edmonton Police are no longer able to comment on what happened during the response. 

The media release also confirmed that no Edmonton officers, nor the other passengers in the second vehicle were injured as a result of the incident, only the deceased. 

It's unclear what kind of incident would cause the officer to shoot the driver but the ASIRT team will be providing an update in the upcoming days. 

Source: Edmonton Journal 

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