These videos are tough to watch. Several Edmonton police officers are now under investigation for a violent arrest on May 14. Jamie-Dean Sauter, the man who was arrested, described it as "humiliating."  His arrest was captured on video by Joshua Powell, who himself got arrested for obstructing a cop.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers. This article includes excessive violence.

In an interview with CBC News, Sauter said that he was at a Circle K convenience store when six EPS officers charged at him.

37-year-old Sauter was allegedly grabbed by one of the officers who told him that he was under arrest for having a stolen car.

Sauter denied the claim and told the cops to verify his documents, such as insurance, registration, and identification. 

He then reported being pushed to the ground, after which many of the cops "piled up" on him. 

Sauter also said that someone kneed him and punched him in the face during the confrontation. 

Other allegations brought up by Sauter included getting his head shoved against the floor four times and a cop rubbing his cheek with the bottom of his boot. 

Videos of the event were taken by Joshua Powell, a customer at the store. They were provided to Narcity by Tom Engel, Sauter and Powell's lawyer. 

The video appears to show six cops wrestling with Sauter with the floor as he's yelling "Ow!"

"Why are you doing this?" says Sauter as the cops continue to restrain him. 

Powell moves around to get another angle before a cop comes over to him and tells him to stay away. "I'm just filming for both of your protection," says Powell. 

Powell moves back to his original position, after which Sauter is heard saying to one cop, "You just punched me in the face."

Powell then says, "That was a bit excessive, as an outside perspective." 

The second video captured by Powell depicts one of the officers coming towards him. "What are you doing to me?" he asks before the video ends abruptly. 

Both Sauter and Powell were taken to holding cells, reported CBC News. Sauter was never charged with anything; the cops were able to figure out his original license plate was replaced with a stolen one.

Whereas Powell was released after a few hours with a court hearing scheduled for August. 

Sauter described his arrest as "the most humiliating, disgusting thing."

He said that he felt like he was "less than dirt" when one of the cops allegedly stepped on his face. "I wasn't even human," he told CBC. 

The matter is now under investigation by EPS' Professional Standards branch. In reporting the incident, Sauter identified his descent as Black/Indigenous/Latin/European/East Asian and also claimed to be a once-active member of the LGBT community. 

He said that the alleged injuries sustained during the arrest has left him with a "curved spine." 

EPS refused to comment on these allegations as the matter is under investigation. 

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