Imagine you were going to rob a jewelry store, how would you do it?

You’d probably do it after everyone had left for the day. But how would you get through the locked door then?

Well if you’re these thieves from Edmonton you’d build some sort of battering ram to break the window to get in. 

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The battering ram that the thieves used appears to be around 10 feet long and made out of steel.

Now if you’re thinking they did this medieval style where everyone holds a side and rushes the door with the ram you’d be wrong. 

Nope, they combined the medieval with the modern day world by letting it hang out the back of what looks like a mini-van and reversing at a high rate of speed into the store so the ram would break the window for them.

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It seems that these thieves tried to rob the wrong store though because according to Clinton Beck who owns Beck Antiques & Jewellery Inc., the store is equipped with “a James Bond style security-system.” 

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For example, on the video you can see the store start to fill with smoke, not because there’s a fire, but because it’s part of the security system designed to make it hard for criminals to see exactly what they're trying to steal.

“You can’t rob what you can’t see,” Beck said. 

Three thieves may have made off with a few trays of silver rings and coins, but nothing of any real value. 

The store is offering a $1,000 reward to help catch them.  

You can see the video with the battering ram below. 

Source: Toronto Star

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