Just two months ago, a terrifying incident took place in Edmonton that left a window washer dangling from scaffolding that was then smashing into the side of a building due to extreme wind. Now, new information has been released that claims the company that was involved in the Edmonton window washer accident did not have a license. Officials are now investigating the situation that led to the horrific incident. 

According to Global News, the City of Edmonton has issued a notice to an Edmonton company that was involved in the frightening spectacle outside Stantec Tower back in October 2019. 

At the time, two window washers were working on a swing station on the outside of the building when the equipment began to twist due to heavy winds. 

That day, a wind warning was issued to the public. 

Many bystanders saw this happening and began taking video evidence of the situation. 

Due to the intense swinging, the equipment actually smashed several times into the tower and broke multiple windows. 

One worker was even thrown over the safety railing and was dangling by their safety harness. The worker was about five stories from the ground. 

It has now been determined that the business conducting the window washing did not have a business license. 

Aurum Window Cleaning, the company in question, was placed under an investigation that was prompted by the city and Occupational Health and Safety. 

Global News explains that the investigation has since concluded and the city has issued a notice to the business. 

A spokesperson with the city spoke with Global News and said that when the business received the notice, they applied for a business license. It is currently pending while further documents are needed. 

A fine or penalty was not included in the notice to Aurum however, the spokesperson told Global News that one could be issued if the company does not come through with the required paperwork. 

A municipal fine of up to $500 could be faced by Aurum. 

The president of Alberta Federation of Labour told Global News that the company should not be granted a business licence as it lets others know that they can be “fast and loose with the rules and they can get away with it.”

Global News allegedly spoke with Aurum’s CEO after months of attempting to get ahold of them. 

The company said “everything has been resolved” and claimed that the business does have a licence. 

The investigation on a provincial level with Occupational Health and Safety is ongoing.

Despite the chilling encounter, the victim of the incident has allegedly returned to work. 

During the initial incident, Edmonton Fire and Rescue did not seem overly concerned and spoke about the accident in a tweet that said “an eventful afternoon.”

Narcity has reached out to Aurum Window Cleaning and the City of Edmonton for comment and we will update this story when we receive a response.

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