A group of elderly Canadian women came to the rescue on March 13th when they helped to save their local priest by an attacker who had entered their church. The attack occurred during an evening mass at Our Lady Queen of Poland parish in South Edmonton. As the priest, who has been identified as Father Marcin Mironiuk, was finishing off evening mass he was approached by an unknown male.  

Instead of rushing to their phones to call 911, or locate additional help, the elderly church-goers took matters into their own hands. The group of women were able to use their canes as a weapon long enough to scare the attacker away from the church.  

Lorraine Turchansky, a spokesperson from the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton, told CBC that the attacker proceeded to attack Mironiuk,  throwing the priest down to the ground and attempting to choke him. 

A group of elderly women who were attending the evening mass instantly sprang to the rescue as they watched their local priest in distress. Using their walking canes, the women began striking the suspect over and over again until he released the priest. 

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The attacker quickly fled from the building and away from the pounding canes. The priest was not injured during the attack. 

Edmonton Police confirmed to CBC that the investigation is still ongoing. The suspect involved in the attack is described as a five-foot-nine white male who was around 25 years old. He has short dark hair and wore a red t-shirt with a black jacket at the time of the attack. 

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Police also confirm that the attacker was said to have smelled like alcohol at the time of the attack. 

This isn't the first time a Canadian priest has been attacked this week. A few days ago, MTL Blog reported on an incident where a Montreal priest was stabbed during a morning mass. 

According to witnesses, a man was seen running up to the priest before stabbing up him with a sharp object. The priest suffered minor injuries and the attacker was arrested by Montreal Police. 

Source: CBC News 


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