Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney is the latest Canadian leader to extend his congratulations to the recently elected U.S. president-elect Joe Biden and vice president-elect Kamala Harris.

Kenney first took to Twitter to send his regards to the new leaders of the United States, including those who were elected this week to the United States Congress and Senate.

He also put out a lengthy statement.

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Alberta looks forward to doing our part in advancing that growth agenda, working with the next U.S. administration and Congress.

Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney

He took the opportunity to talk business and express how the U.S. is Alberta's largest trading partner and that a large portion of the American economy is fuelled by Alberta's energy sector.

"We look forward to working with President-elect Biden’s transition team and future administration to ensure that this vital economic partnership continues," he said.

Alberta has a long-standing history with the U.S. in the oil trade. During the elections, there was talk of whether or not the Keystone XL pipeline would carry on or not following election time.

Biden has been vocal about his distaste for the Keystone XL pipeline in Alberta and has hinted at putting a stop to it if elected.

Still, Kenney also noted that both countries have to work together in other areas like protecting the "lives and livelihoods through the COVID crisis, and to return our economies to growth."

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