Lacey Evans has responded to the world after her traffic stop in Edmonton went viral. She says she would never disrespect the police force and that she was in character while she filmed the interaction, as Narcity previously noted. The ticket Lacey Evans received in Edmonton was real, however, and the RCMP had confirmed previously to CTV News that the traffic stop was legitimate.

Since she posted the interaction on her Twitter, news publications across the country covered the viral tweet, in which she says that Canada is terrible.

According to Evans, she was trying to promote hype for her show in Edmonton. Her character is a Sassy Southern Belle, and that's who she was playing when she called the police officer a "nasty." "Ya nasty" is her catch-phrase, as previously noted.

Since then, she has tweeted, "As a prior law enforcement myself and a United States Marine, I do not condone, agree with, or promote, disrespecting or making LEO's jobs harder than they already are. The video was created by both parties to promote the local live event taking place in the Edmonton area."

According to ESPNW, Evans served as a military police officer with the Special Reaction Team (a specialized unit similar to SWAT). The Special Reaction Team is a group responsible for security at bases when they're under terrorist threats or hostage situations.

She enlisted in the military when she was 19, and finished her Bachelor's degree while still on active duty, the article notes. 

Her tweets, which have seemed "anti-Canada" the past few days, are confusing. Does she actually hate Canada? Is she in character? Who knows. 

We'll let you decide.

WWE NXT is coming to British Columbia this October. For Canadians who love wrestling, it should be a great time.

Narcity has reached out to Lacey Evans and RCMP for comment, and we will update this article should we receive relevant information.

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