Speeders beware! New traffic cameras near Edmonton that were just installed mid-July have already caught over 500 violators in their first week of operation. Talk about a lot of fines. The cameras watch drivers for several reasons, so it’s probably best to just obey all traffic rules. 

According to CBC News, the city of Leduc has three very lucrative new traffic cameras. In fact, the new cameras are doing there job so well that more than 500 warnings have been issued to drivers just one week after installation. 

The new cameras are not your typical traffic camera, though. They actually look for three major violations including running red lights, rolling stops while making a right turn on a red light, and speeding through a green light.

Mayor Bob Young spoke with CBC News and stated that prior to these cameras, tickets were being issued through a private company. The city now wants to have more control over where and how many tickets are being issued. 

By opting not to renew the company’s contract, the city decided to install the new traffic cameras. According to CBC News, the cameras are located at busy intersections along 50th Ave. and 50th St. 

While the mayor told CBC News that he expected to see violations, he was rather shocked at how many there were after the cameras were activated in mid-July. 

From July 22 to 28, there were 390 red-light violations alone! There were an additional 176 green-light violations in the same time period.

As of right now, the city isn’t issuing fines, so count your blessings! The program is going to remain in a probationary period in order to educate residents and give them a chance to get used to the new cameras. 

Until Sept. 1, 2019, drivers in Leduc will have a grace period. After that, tickets will be issued and the price tag is not cute. 

According to CBC News, $388 tickets will be issued for running a red light and rolling stops when turning right on red. Tickets for speeding violations will vary depending on the rate of speed over the speed limit. 

CBC News spoke with an Alberta Ticket Fighter and according to Bernard Bourassa, it is very difficult to fight the violation especially since they have photographic evidence against you. 

Unless the photo is blurry, Bourassa says there is very little room to make an argument. That being said, he did tell CBC News that it is always a good idea to fight the ticket because “there's always a chance you could win.”

This is not the first time officials in Alberta have tried their best to target speeders. Just a couple of months ago, police in Alberta were using helicopters to catch people speeding. 

Much like the cameras, these helicopters were proven to be effective as 1,965 speeding charges were made in 2018 during patrols. 

But it’s not just Alberta that has a problem with speeding. BC RCMP has done everything they can to eliminate the violation. Not long ago, RCMP officers in Coquitlam were using cardboard cutouts of police to slow down drivers in busy areas and school zones. 

Apparently, tactics like this are needed as people will speed no matter the occasion. One Coquitlam driver was even recently caught going 117 km/h in a 60 km/h zone. The person claimed they needed to speed home to catch the Game of Thrones finale! 

I guess the moral of the story is to slow down and follow the rules of the road. You’ll get to your destination eventually. 

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