When September hits, all the kids will be rocking Old Navy. Alberta made masks mandatory for students returning to classrooms. To get the millions of coverings needed, the government has turned to two clothing giants for help.

According to a release by Albertan Education Minister Adriana LaGrange on Saturday, August 8, the 1.6 million reusable masks will be made in time for the coming month. The contract runs up a total tab of $4.2 million.

Both Old Navy and the Albertan workwear company will make more than needed, sewing together 1.7 million reusable face coverings in time for the school year. Alberta previously stated that every student will receive two for use, ensuring that everyone will have enough to stay safe.

Because they were running low on time, the government directly approached the two companies for help instead of waiting for businesses to apply and awarding out the contract.

Old Navy already makes non-medical masks, and packs of kid-sized reusable cloth ones are available to buy on their website.

These are sold in packs of five and three, are made with triple-layered cloth, and come with patterns of dinosaurs, puppies, and more. However, we're not sure if the school masks will be the same ones.

"Both Alberta Education and the POC are confident that masks, sanitizer, thermometers and face shields will be distributed to school divisions prior to the resumption of classes," said LaGrange in the release.

"Students, schools and staff will receive their PPE for the beginning of the school year."

The province added that they "excelled" at getting PPE to locals over the pandemic, citing the millions of masks they were able to get their hands on and distribute over the pandemic.

Narcity has reached out to Old Navy and the Government of Alberta for comment and we will update this story when we receive a response.

The school halls may look a lot more colourful when school is back in session. Not only will kids be safe, but they'll also look good while doing it.

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