Apparently, a whole bunch of people have suddenly got places to be. One passenger spoke out after taking a completely jam-packed Air Canada flight to Vancouver*. While people were wearing masks, she said, they were definitely not social distancing.

"I was just so upset," said Kathleen Hamilton to Narcity.

She and her husband were flying from Toronto to Vancouver for business when their first flight got cancelled. Instead, they were placed on a later non-stop plane on Monday, May 1.

The flight looked pretty empty when she checked online earlier, and people at the airport were social distancing.

Then she got to the gate, and it began to dawn on her the flight might be a bit fuller than she imagined. She asked a staff member who confirmed — the flight was full.

"The flight itself was just, it was just weird because everyone sat in their seat no one spoke to anyone nobody moved," she said.

"For four-plus hours people are just sitting there, and it was just horrendous," she said. "All you could think about is am I going to get sick?"

Air Canada didn't answer why the plane was so full and told Narcity that traffic was down in the "vast majority" of their planes.

Where possible, they told us that gate agents would reseat flyers to have "as few people sitting next to one another as possible." If it wasn't possible, they said, customers could travel on "a later flight at no additional cost."

Her flight, AC 103 on Friday, May 1 had 128 seats in rows of three. When she asked a flight attendant about how full it was, they said there were 28 seats open.

Later, the airline announced on May 4 that they would be adding a ton more safety measures starting Friday, May 15, such as temperature checks and increased room for distancing.

Hamilton said they didn't screen her temperature before her flight. She was allowed on board after telling the staff that checked her in she wasn't sick.

She did say that all the passengers were wearing masks, as the airline now requires.

"I know that economically everybody's hurting, particularly the airlines, but I think that they have a responsibility to provide social distancing," said Hamilton.

*This article has been updated.

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