After a long few months of endless snow storms, and a LOT of praying for the sun, it seems like summer is finally in full swing here in Alberta. May Long may have just passed, but that doesn't mean you've missed out on your chance to get outside, have a few drinks, and enjoy the heat.

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If you were hoping for some nice, bearable, 20°C weather to relax in, then you've got a big storm coming. Parts of Alberta are looking to be hotter than Los Angeles this week, according to the Weather Network.

Los Angeles

Via theweathernetwork

It looks as though L.A. can expect low 20's all week long, so if you were planning on heading to California for a nice warm, sunny vacation, don't bother. It seems as though you can get even more heat right here in Alberta, all you'll be missing is the ocean views.

If we compare the Los Angeles forecast to Edmonton for the upcoming week, for example, you'll see that we're in for some serious Prairie heat:


Via theweathernetwork

The risk of thunderstorms may make it more bearable, but it looks like those of you in Edmonton will have some great opportunities to soak up the sun and enjoy the heat!

Edmonton isn't the only spot expecting some serious heat in Alberta though, both Medicine Hat and Calgary are looking at some super hot temperatures as well:

Medicine Hat

Via theweathernetwork


Via theweathernetwork

Regardless of what your plans are for the week, be sure to throw on some SPF before heading outside; you'll definitely need it! With the weather being this hot all across the province, it's safe to say plenty of us will be outdoors as often as possible!

You may be tempted to complain about this heatwave, but just remember that in a few months when it's -30°C again, you'll be dreaming of these temperatures!

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