It was revealed on February 28, that a Canadian family had been left "shaken" after finding a homemade pipe bomb under their family vehicle. The homemade bomb was placed under an SUV in Edmonton earlier this week. After the family discovered the odd-looking object, they decided to call the police. Edmonton police are now investigating this terrifying incident in hopes of catching whoever is responsible.

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According to CTV News, a family in Edmonton found an odd-looking object under their vehicle earlier this week. On Tuesday evening, a man discovered the weird object lying under his sister's SUV upon returning home from work. 

The man anonymously told CTV News that he grabbed the unknown object and began to inspect it. According to his description, the object was about an eight-inch long silver pipe with wires coming out of it. 

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After a curious inspection, the man decided it was a good idea to call the Edmonton police. Investigators arrived that evening and evacuated the area. 

During the evacuation, the Explosive Disposal Unit used a bomb disposal robot to investigate the situation. According to police, the device was a homemade pipebomb. 

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Using a device, the Explosive Disposal Unit was able to disrupt the bomb by using an “approved method that in turn prevented the device from exploding.” Shortly after the bomb was determined to be disrupted, the family was allowed to return home. 

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a homemade bomb has been found somewhere in Canada. Back in September, an Explosive Technician was deployed in Sudbury, Ontario. 

During this incident, teams had to dispose of four homemade explosives in a house in Sudbury. A 34-year-old man has since been charged with a number of offenses in relation to this incident including making or possessing explosives for an unlawful purpose and possession on incendiary material. 

At this time, no charges have been laid against the Edmonton case. Edmonton police continue to investigate the incident in hopes of catching the person, or persons, responsible. 

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The man who found the bomb anonymously told CTV News that he and his family have been left shaken. “What if that pipe bomb went off in my son’s hands? What if it went off around my daughter? We could have been killed.”

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