It was a pretty scary evening for residents of Edmonton and surrounding areas on Friday night, as a strong and powerful storm ripped through Alberta’s capital. Over a number of hours, the city was covered by heavy rain and hail that was so large, it allegedly managed to smash right through a car windshield!

During the storm, the people of Edmonton took to social media to share their pictures of the hail, and the size of some of the ice-balls is almost unbelievable!

At around 6:30 PM on Friday night, Environment Canada issued a tornado watch for Edmonton and surrounding areas, warning that, “Conditions are favourable for the development of severe thunderstorms which may produce tornadoes.” The situation was described by Environment Canada as “dangerous and potentially life-threatening,” which was not surprising considering some of the hail stones that were falling!

Environment Canada warned locals to “take cover immediately” if any threatening weather approaches, which seems like good advice given that some of the hailstones were palm-sized!

One Twitter user wrote, "Just got pelted with hail. This was the average size hail in Spruce Grove, AB. We have major damage on both our vehicles, my parents house has damage. Damn."

In a severe thunderstorm warning for southern Alberta on Friday afternoon, Environment Canada confirmed that meteorologists were tracking a thunderstorm capable of producing ‘very strong wind gusts and pea- to dime-sized hail.’ As it turned out, much of the hail was even bigger than this, with some hailstones the size of golf balls!

The size of the hail was so significant, it is reported to have caused structural damage to several houses, as well as smashed windows of vehicles. Although there have been no reports as of yet of any injuries, we can be fairly sure you’d be quite badly hurt if you were hit by one of these stones. In response to one tweeted picture of a hailstone, a Twitter user responded, “That could literally kill someone.”

That same evening, all the severe thunderstorm warnings in southern Alberta were lifted, and the tornado watch for Edmonton was also lifted just before 9 PM. For those in the area of the wild weather, it was likely a pretty crazy evening, and Edmonton residents were probably relieved to learn the storm had passed.

Thankfully, the weather in the region is expected to be rather uneventful in the coming days, so the people of Alberta can have a well-deserved break from the mayhem.

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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