Early this morning, Albertans in Red Deer woke up to a startling surprise. According to the Government of Canada, the city in Alberta got hit with a huge 4.6 magnitude earthquake. This earthquake was so big, that thousands of people with left without power. 

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According to the Government of Canada, Red Deer, Alberta got hit with a huge earthquake early this morning. At around 6 AM the 4.6 magnitude earthquake hit the town.

The Government of Canada is estimating that the earthquake was largely felt in Red Deer and Sylvan Lake. During the scary quake, thousands of people were without power. 

According to the Edmonton Journal, power was knocked out for around 4,6000 Fortis Alberta customers. A spokesperson with Fortis Alberta told the Edmonton Journal that the outage lasted for a little more than an hour. 

Via Government of Canada

Earthquake seismologist Taimi Mulder from the Geological Survey of Canada / NRC spoke to Global about the incident. According to Mulder, it is not common for Alberta to get earthquakes. She added that it may be due to the “tectonic activity just east of the Rockies.”

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Whatever the reason, it left people scared! Many residents have already taken to social media to show any damage done and explain what they felt. One Twitter user explained that the shaking in her room left her feeling as though she was in a horror movie. Yikes!

One particularly hilarious tweet from a dad explains that even though the power went out in -28° weather due to a 4.6 magnitude earthquake the kids were panicking... because they didn't have access to wifi. 

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The Government of Canada is now asking anyone who felt the earthquake to fill out a survey online. What a way to wake up! 

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