Following Donald Trump's loss in the U.S. presidential election, an Edmonton library released a carefully-curated reading list just for him. 

"Were you tremendous, better than anyone else, and quite frankly, best in the world at your previous job, but after making it great again are looking for new opportunities?" the library wrote on Twitter.

"Here’s some recommendations on coping with loss, improving your golf game and more," they continued. 

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Make Yourself Great Again

Edmonton Public Library 

The "staff-curated" book list includes titles such as "Rising Strong," "Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now," "The United States of Paranoia," and a whole lot more. 

One of them is even a book titled "Joe Biden." Too soon? 

Whether you are Trump himself or you're just looking for some good reads, you can likely find them on this list. 

They did throw the ex-president one bone with a recommendation called "Spectacular Hair." 

So, which one will you read first? 

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