A recent confrontation in Edmonton is getting heavily condemned by local politicians. 

On Tuesday, September 29, a fight broke out between two opposing groups during a reported "white supremacist rally" in Edmonton.

According to CTV News, the initial protest was organized by a group calling themselves "patriots." 

Anti-racism protestors reportedly showed up at the rally soon after. At some point, things escalated and a physical clash took place between the groups. 

In the days following the incident, Alberta politicians have been taking to social media to share their thoughts about this contentious rally and its organizers. 

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What happened at this "white supremacist rally?"  

According to a police report sent to Narcity by Edmonton Police Service spokesperson Cheryl Voordenhout, police were aware of the demonstration and "maintained a presence throughout the event." 

The police didn't identify the organizers of the group or their general purpose for gathering. 

Approximately 100 people were involved, said Voordenhout. The rally happened in the parking lot in the area of 118 Avenue and 82 Street. 

"While interactions between the participants were mostly verbal, police were required to separate some individuals who began engaging in physical altercations," said the report. 

A 39-year-old male was arrested but was later released without any charges. No tickets were handed out, and no one was injured. 

CTV News reported that one group was heard chanting "Black Lives Matter" whereas the other was reportedly saying "All Lives Matter." 

What are Alberta politicians saying about this?

Edmonton's mayor Don Iveson took to Twitter on Wednesday, September 30 to respond to the situation.

He said, "Racists are NOT patriots & hate speech is NOT acceptable in #YEG. White folks aggressively spitting “all lives matter” inelegantly proves the point that Black, Indigenous & People of Colour’s lives have not yet been universally afforded equal value in our society. STOP IT."

Alberta's Justice Minister Kaycee Madu went on the platform to say, "a small group of sad losers organized what has been described by some as a “white supremacist rally” in a grocery store parking lot in North #YEG." 

He said that everyone in Canada has a right to "free expression," but he said he condemns any form of bigotry and racism

Premier Jason Kenney also spoke about the rally in a press conference. He said, "I think it's unfortunate that we've got a small number of kooks who go around, trying to get attention for a message of hate."

NDP MLA Janis Irwin said she's "sickened" to see "white supremacists" going around in her neighbourhood. 

What do we know about the group behind this rally?

At the time of writing, there hasn't been a confirmation as to which specific group organized the apparent white supremacist rally. 

But CBC News reported that a member in the rally was wearing a C3 hat, which refers to a group called Canadian Combat Coalition. On C3's Facebook page, they say they "oppose mass immigration, open borders, New World Order and Sharia Law."

Another group called Canadian Infidel uploaded footage of the rally on their YouTube page. It's titled, "Edmonton communists/socialists and Black lives matters peacefully assaulting white peoples in Edmonton." 

Narcity has reached out to C3 and Canadian Infidel for comment and we will update this article when we receive a response. 

CTV News reported that members from both sides at the rally said that they were not connected to any specific group. One witness claimed to be a "patriot," whereas another witness said she came to the rally to fight "white supremacy."

While it's unclear who really organized the group and why they gathered on Tuesday night, it's clear that some Albertan politicians are just not having it. 


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