The federal election has once again given Canadians a front-row seat to some drama. But you might be surprised by who's going at it this time. Elizabeth May and Jagmeet Singh are at odds after she says the NDP spread misinformation about her. The gloves are off, folks! 

When it comes to a federal election you don't expect to see the Green Party and NDP at odds with each other. It's usually the Liberals and the Conservatives that go at it. But this election is proving that wrong. 

An NDP flyer being sent out to Canadians in Vancouver is getting a lot of attention from Green Party members and even party leader Elizabeth May. 

The flyer has a graphic about where the Greens, Conservatives and NDP stand on some key election issues. According to the NDP, the Greens don't oppose budget cuts that would cut services and won't always defend abortion rights. 

The graphic puts the Greens on par with the Conservatives saying that the party "shares many Conservative values." It also puts the Greens in direct opposition to the NDP. 

And May responded to the flyer on Twitter it contains "misinformation" about her party.

"I expected better of NDP, but this campaign has unleashed quite shameful behaviour," May tweeted. 

May isn't the only Green getting in on the action and calling out the NDP. 

One Green MP that's running for re-election the Nanaimo-Ladysmith riding made his own flyer that corrected the misinformation on the NDP flyer. 

"People appreciate good ideas and an honest approach," Paul Manly tweeted.

Even Pamela Anderson has taken notice of the flyers, posting a video to Twitter about it. 

She called the flyers a "desperate move" and said that it reminded her of American politics.  

In a statement to Narcity, the NDP denies that the information is false, saying "The leaflet directly quotes Elizabeth May and Green Party candidates on their willingness to help the Conservatives form government and shared values between the Green Party and the Conservatives. So it’s not surprising the Green Party doesn’t like us quoting Elizabeth May and her candidates."

They continue saying, "it’s disappointing that Elizabeth May is open to helping Conservatives get into power. We know that Conservatives will cut services and allow their MPs to re-open the abortion debate. We're proud that Jagmeet Singh has made it clear that he’ll fight to keep the Conservatives out of power.”

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