On several occasions throughout the 2019 federal election campaign, things got pretty heated between the major party leaders on social media. Now, several weeks after the election has ended, it seems some of the party leaders are showing no sign of cooling off. In several posts this week, Green Party leader Elizabeth May has called out Jagmeet Singh on Twitter, and things are starting to get tense.

Although it’s been several weeks since Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party managed to win a minority government in the federal election, some of Canada’s leading politicians are still making their opinions heard on social media. In fact, since the election ended, Green Party leader Elizabeth May has had a lot to say on Twitter, and she’s been calling out Jagmeet Singh.

In several tweets this week, May has been looking to hold Jagmeet Singh accountable for several issues, including what she described as “abandoning climate” and “running a fear-based, US style” election campaign. While Singh has yet to reply to the posts, May has been proving that she’s not going to let up until he does.

In an initial tweet on Wednesday, May retweeted a quote from Singh that said he wouldn’t “negotiate lines in the sand in the public” when it comes to toppling the government. In response, May wrote, “Singh already abandoning climate … Stand for real climate action. That's the story you told voters. Do it.”

A short while later, May came for Singh once again, this time calling the NDP leader out for criticizing “fear-based voting.” In response, May wrote, “He would know what it [fear-based voting] looks like. He ran a fear-based, US style, well-funded, dishonest campaign of attack ads to hang on to seats in BC.”

May’s comment likely refers to the NDP’s campaign flyers that were used during the course of the election, which May argues contained “flat out lies” about her and the Green Party

Despite Elizabeth May calling for an apology from the NDP, the party stood its ground and maintained that the flyer information was accurate. Ultimately, it seems the incident has had a lasting impact on both parties.

In a third and final tweet on Wednesday, Elizabeth May referred to the B.C. campaign leaflets once again, writing, “NDP MPs losing in Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan must wonder why Singh threw everything at a dishonest campaign on Vancouver Island. They were not his priority.”

However, this tweet finally got a response. Re-elected NDP MP for Cowichan-Malahat-Langford, Alistair MacGregor, responded to the Green Party leader to say, “... enough is enough.”

MacGregor continued, “I’m tired of her [May’s] insults aimed at our hardworking, local volunteers who put in the hours on our campaign to outwork all of the other parties in our riding, including the Greens.”

Last week, Elizabeth May announced that she was considering leaving her position as head of the Green Party, noting that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to do another full term. 

While May explained that another four years probably wasn’t on the cards for her, her recent tweets prove she’s showing no signs of backing off just yet!

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