After admitting last week that she didn’t think she’d remain as Green Party leader for the next four years, Elizabeth May has now hinted that she could end up leaving the role of party leader as early as next month to try her hand at a brand-new job. According to a report from CBC News, Elizabeth May could be leaving the Green Party leadership to be the new House of Commons Speaker, and she’s expected to make a final decision within the next month.

Now that the 2019 federal election is finally over, and the major party leaders have had a chance to take a breath, Green Party leader Elizabeth May is wondering what other political job opportunities could be out there. After beginning her career as a lawyer, and then reaching the top-spot in her own party, May is now considering branching out into a different role: the Speaker of the House of Commons.

Speaking to CBC News from Toronto, the Green Party leader explained that the role had interested her “for a very long time.” In fact, May admitted she was tempted by the role in 2015, but was unable to attend the House of Commons chamber for the vote as she was at an international climate conference in Paris.

While she hasn’t made any final decisions yet, May is confident that she’d be a good fit for the role. "A thorough understanding of parliamentary rules and procedures and a willingness to be completely non-partisan — now, if those are two important criteria, I would suit both of those for sure," she said.

Last week, Elizabeth May admitted that she was already having doubts about leading the Green Party for another four years, explaining that she’d like to work with a new leader and continue only as a Green MP instead. Now, it seems like her stepping-down could come even sooner than expected, as she’d have to give up her leadership role at the Green Party.

While she does have her eye on the Speaker role, May also said she’s reluctant to give up her role in case there’s a snap election in the coming months.

An added factor is her recent success during the federal election. May led the party to their best election performance ever, and secured a whopping 1.1 million votes country-wide.

To elect the Speaker of the House of Commons, MPs in Parliament listen to each candidate speak for five minutes, before ultimately voting for their favourite at the end of the speeches.

While May has not made any official decisions yet, she told CBC News that she’ll have made her mind up in the next month or so.

Speaking about her credentials for the role, May explained, “I think most members of Parliament know that I am less partisan, certainly, than most members of Parliament, certainly more non-partisan than any other party leader.”

She added that she’s passionate about Canada’s institutions, saying, “I want to see them elevated and not degraded."

Even if May decides to throw her name in the hat, she’ll have some fierce competition. Sources close to current Speaker told CBC News that he’s interested in holding on to his position.

With such fierce competition and such high stakes, it’s going to be a big decision for Elizabeth May to make in the coming month!

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