Elizabeth May got married back in April of this year to her husband John Kidder. With the couple being long-time Green Party members, their wedding really showed off their support for the Green Party. Judging by these photos, Elizabeth May's wedding couldn't have been any more 'Green Party' themed. In fact, the wedding was so green that the ceremony even took place on Earth Day!

While it comes as no surprise that Elizabeth May is a huge supporter of the Green Party, running as the federal candidate for this election, her husband is also a longtime Green. With double the green power, the couple threw a ceremony that no one could forget. 

Not only did the couple decide to tie the knot on Earth Day,  but the happy couple even got into the back of a Tesla on their way to their reception. So environmentally friendly!

CBC reported that May said in a statement that she and Kidder "intend to be gloriously happy — and very Green." So sweet!

Of course, May's wedding dress was also on theme, being one of the most Green Party things ever. Adorned with green foliage near the bottom, the dress just screamed environmentally friendly. 

Even with May turning her wedding into one of the most Green Party things ever, it still looked like a beautiful ceremony. 

With many high-end officials at the wedding, tons of photos were posted to social, and the happy couple looked adorably environment-friendly and happy. 

So cute!

On top of the beautiful wedding dress, the bride to be even adorned a green tiara, and she rocked it.

It also looked like the rest of her party was on theme, all of them also rocking some kind of flowered tiara or pin. 




The Green Party is back to business now that the ceremony and honeymoon are over. 

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