We’ve all been told that self-driving cars are the future, partially because they’re supposed to be much safer than human drivers and cause car crashes. 

However that doesn’t mean that they can’t cause traffic accidents, one of Tesla’s self-driving cars got into a crash just last week. 

But CEO Elon Musk still insists that they’re safer than letting a human drive you.  

Via Tesla

If you haven’t heard about this before now last week a Tesla Model X self-driving car slammed into the back of a fire truck at nearly 100 km/h in Salt Lake City. 

Musk took to twitter recently to vent his frustration about the media coverage that this recent car crash of a Tesla self-driving car is getting compared to the coverage normal accidents get. 

“It’s super messed up that a Tesla crash resulting in a broken ankle is front page news and the ~40,000 people who died in US auto accidents alone in past year get almost no coverage,” he wrote in one tweet.  

Musk seemed to imply in another tweet that even though the Tesla crashed, that the result wasn’t all that bad. 

“What’s actually amazing about this accident is that a Model S hit a fire truck at 60mph and the driver only broke an ankle. An impact at that speed usually results in severe injury or death,” he wrote. 

The Autopilot in the car was turned on during the crash.  

Source: CBC

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