Massive regions of Canada are currently experiencing the first major heat wave of the summer. 

Environment Canada issued special weather announcements for regions across Canada earlier today. British Columbia and Southern Ontario are currently feeling the heat as we embrace the first big heatwave of the summer. 

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Southern Ontario is feeling the heat right about now. The region has been hit with dozens of warnings regarding the extreme heat. There are over 30 cities affected in the area including Ottawa and Toronto. There are also multiple warnings about deteriorating air quality in Southern Ontario at the moment.

According to CTV News, this heatwave could definitely reach record-breaking temperatures in certain regions. But don't worry too much, the heatwave in Ontario should only last a couple of days at most. 

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Gatineau, Quebec is also
under a special weather statement for extreme heat. 

British Columbia currently has special weather statements in 28 locations! The "extreme heat" alerts for Metro Vancouver are currently in effect. We will be seeing sunny skies for the next several days in BC. Here are the alerts for Metro Vancouver

Temperatures in Metro Vancouver will creep into the low 30s today, which is about 10 degrees above seasonal. The high temperatures are expected to stick around until Wednesday. The hottest days will be Monday and Tuesday. 

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Environment Canada advises
everyone to do the following during a heatwave:

  1. Drink plenty of cool liquids before feeling thirsty
  2. Keep cool by dressing for the weather and spending a few hours each day in a cool place.

Stay safe if you plan
to enjoy the first heatwave of the summer! 

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