For the first time ever, Environment Canada just released their own weather app. The app was launched for both Android and iPhone this week and it's completely free. It takes Environment Canada's weather data that is already available online and makes it mobile friendly.

This comes after Minister Catherine McKenna said she was surprised by the lack of mobile presence for Environment Canada. With their already popular online tools, she said it seemed like a good opportunity to go mobile. 

The app allows you to save multiple locations out of 10,000 available, so if you live in one town and work in another or are just genuinely curious about the weather in other parts of the country you can add them to your list. On top of that, the page that displays your saved locations also shows the temperature and conditions in those places, so if you want quick weather info you don't have to click through. 

If you are after the more in-depth stuff it has that too. Once you click on a location, the app can provide you with current, hourly, and seven-day forecasts for that place. This includes not only graphics but written descriptions of the weather conditions as well. On top of that, the app also includes a radar so you can track what weather systems are moving through your area. 

Via Elizabeth Keith / WeatherCAN

Via Elizabeth Keith / WeatherCAN

That being said, compared to other popular weather apps like the Weather Network, the graphics and aesthetics here aren't anything special. 

That comparison raises an interesting point too. Environment Canada is joining an already full market of weather apps right now. Whether it's the Weather Network, AccuWeather or whatever built-in app comes with your phone. 

Being super late to the game on making a weather app, you would think that Environment Canada's new app would be a flop or be met with questions from Canadians about why we needed to spend money on this, but it's actually the opposite. 

Canadians are actually loving the app so far. On Android's Google Play store it even has 4.6 stars out of 5 and is currently ranked as the #2 Free App in the store. 

That being said there are still some Canadians who are not interested in the app, saying that it's not necessary, but for the most part, people are overwhelming supportive of Environment Canada's new app. 

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