Recently the Farmers’ Almanac released a prediction saying that Canada was in for another super cold winter, again.

Considering last winter was so long that it almost feels like it only ended a few weeks ago, most Canadians were not happy with the news.

But Environment Canada is now out with its own bold prediction for what winter will look like in Canada and it’s very different from the Farmers’ Almanac results. 

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Environment Canada’s senior climatologist, Dave Phillips, says the weather agency completely disagrees with the idea that Canada is going to get the “teeth chattering cold” the Almanac has predicted.

Instead, Environment Canada is currently expecting the country to have a much more “milder than normal” winter this year, something that's been predicted for a while now because of an El Nino affect.

Of course, if you like winter and are now worried that there won’t be any snow this year, don’t fret. 

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Phillips pointed out that Canada gets the second most amount of snow of any nation on Earth, so you can still expect snowflakes to fall from the sky and when it starts getting cold.

It just won’t be as dramatic as it’s been in years like last year, according to Phillips.

If you’re wondering how Environment Canada and the Farmers’ Almanac came to such different conclusions, the answer is that the weather is very hard to predict. 

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Phillips admitted that really the whole thing is a bit of a “crapshoot” and that they could be entirely wrong.

So really, while Environment Canada and the Farmers’ Almanac have made predictions, neither of them truly know for sure. 

Source: CTV

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