Canadians went wild over our "super hot" Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau when he was elected back in 2015. Now, there's a new politician in the party, and he's giving Justin Trudeau a run for his money. 

Adam Van Koeverden is not only an accomplished Canadian Olympian but is also only 36 years old and super attractive. He announced today that he is planning to run as a Liberal candidate in the upcoming federal election. 

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Van Koeverden is hoping to seek the nomination in the riding of Milton, Ontario and is running for the Liberals, meaning Justin Trudeau's party just got even hotter. But politics isn't all about looks, in fact, it shouldn't really be about looks at all. 

There is actually a good reason for Van Koeverden to pursue this. The former athlete said that, after representing Canada on the world stage for 20 years, he is now ready to represent Canadians here at home. But, who is Adam Van Koeverden, and what has this political rising star been up to for the past 20 years? 

Adam Van Koeverden is originally from Oakville, Ontario where he started kayaking at the age of 13. It didn't take long for him to start competing around the world. By 2004, not only did he compete at the Summer Olympics in Athens but he won two different medals there at the age of 22. 

Since then, he's competed in more Olympic games, winning multiple gold, silver, and bronze medals. He was even the flag bearer for Canada at the 2008 games in Beijing. 

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Now he's making a run at politics, but that's not his first venture into public speaking. He is currently an ambassador for Right To Play and the David Suzuki Foundation. His roles as an ambassador and public figure have taken him to many different schools, speaking to kids about the importance of healthy and active living. 

He especially loves visiting schools because he thinks it is an opportunity to help shape the youth and sees it as his most rewarding obligation as a Canadian Olympian. 

Speaking of school, Van Koeverden has an impressive report card of his own. While he was training for and competing in the Olympics of 2004 and 2008, he was also getting his degree at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Not only did he graduate with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2007, but he was also the valedictorian of his class. 

As for what he's up to today, Van Koeverden is staying incredibly active. Lately, he's done an 800-kilometre bike ride to New York City, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and continues kayaking just for fun. He also bikes regularly around the GTA. 

But, beyond being super athletic, a lot of the activities he does are also for a good cause. His marathon bike ride to NYC was to fundraise for Camp Oochigeas, which is a camp for kids with Cancer. Prior to that, his mountain climb was to raise awareness and funds for an organization called WaterAid Canada. He's also been an ambassador for Bell Let's Talk. 

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If his incredibly active lifestyle isn't enough to keep him busy, he also spends all his time with his adorable dog Cairo and his beautiful wife Chloe Van Lanschoot. He regularly posts videos of the two of them on his Instagram. 

Chloe is just as busy and active as her partner. Between regular biking trips, she is also a dancer and an actor, with a starring role in the upcoming movie Skin. She is also qualified as a nurse after getting her Nursing degree at Queen's University in 2016, while also being on the school's cheer team. 

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Adam Van Koeverden is running for the Liberals in Milton, which has been a conservative riding for over 10 years since Lisa Raitt, who is still the sitting MP there and won the riding in 2008.

None the less, Van Koeverden is up for the challenge and told the Toronto Star that he plans bring "a brand of hard work that [he] doesn't think Canadian politics has ever seen before." 

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