If you haven't been following the story, Larry Nassar's trial has been a less conventional turn of events, but for all of the right reasons. With over 3 push backs on the sentencing to allow more victims to speak on Nassar and give them a platform to address their assaulter, the trial spanned seven days and heard the voices of over 100 victims. 

Amid the emotional testimonies came a judge who felt more like a therapist when it came to the victim's, offering each of them an emotional 'thank you' for their courage to stand up and address Nassar. Though, when it finally came for Nassar to speak just before his sentencing, many were shocked at what he had to say. 

Nassar addressed his victims offering an apology, and noting that such an apology pales in comparison to what the victims have gone through, and what they will continue to go through. Though many have become angered by his words considering his actions were preventable and believe he's only sorry because he was caught. 

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With his aired apology, many reminded those who were following the case that this was the same Nassar who had asked the judge to exempt him from witnessing each victim take to the stand because it was "bad for his mental health."

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Nassar is already serving 60 years over child pornography charges, but will now on top of that be serving up to 175 years over the sexual assault and molestation of a lengthy roster of women who at the time had only been young girls. 

While many of those who testified noted this is only the first step in their healing process, there has been no shortage of admiration and support for the judge on the case. Even Simone Biles took to Instagram to share her appreciation for the female judge's performance in court. 

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