Ontario weather refuses to make up its mind. Despite the risk of thunderstorms, temperatures are expected to creep up to about 17°C today in the Toronto area, with 38% humidity. It'll be even warmer in Ottawa, with a high of 21°C and humidity at 60%. 

But, parts of Ontario are facing the risk of overnight frost as colder weather moves in for tomorrow. Ottawa's expected to drop down to just 1°C overnight. Toronto's only supposed to have a high of 8°C tomorrow, and a low of 6°C.

Via Leo Bruce Hempell

It'll be pretty chilly across Ontario starting tomorrow and through the weekend. Rain is on the way, and temps are expected to hover at around the low to mid teens in most areas.

The Toronto area can expect plenty of rain and a high of just 11°C on Saturday. Ottawa's weekend weather is looking warm and dry though, with a high of 17°C on Saturday and 21°C on Sunday.

Via Anna Soer

Of course, in true Ontario fashion, weather is supposed to improve again by the start of next week - just in time for everyone to be back at work and indoors. Monday starts off strong in the Toronto area, with a high of 23°C and approximately 13 hours of sunshine. 

Via Feng Cheng

Even though we may see some frost on the ground tomorrow morning, it's probably safe to say that we're no longer at risk of serious frosty weather. 

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