Canadians are mourning after an extremist attack hit Somalia Friday night, killing multiple people including a Canadian journalist and her husband. Reports claim that Somalia's security forces were able to put a stop to the extremist attack on Saturday morning, killing all four attackers. Tragically, at least twenty-six people have been killed and fifty-six people have been injured from these attacks. 

According to CBC, the attack took place on Friday night when gunmen of the al-Qaeda group entered a hotel in the southern port city of Kismayu after first targeting the area with a car bomb. This car bomb was detonated on Friday while local elders and local lawmakers were meeting together in order to discuss the regional elections that were approaching in Somalia.  

Officers have confirmed to CBC that the attack is now over and that many people have been rescued from the area where it first occurred. The attacks were put to an end after officers managed to track down all four attackers, all of whom were shot and died from their injuries. 

Out of the twenty-six victims that have been reported dead, they include Kenyans, Americans, Tanzanians, and Canadians. Jubaland region's president, Ahmed Mohamed has also been confirmed to be one of these victims.  

Forty-three-year-old Canadian journalist Hodan Nalayeh and her husband Faird Jama Suleiman were among those who did not survive these attacks. Naleyeh was the mother of two boys. 

Somali-born Nalayeh spent most of her life in Canada, first in Edmonton and then in Toronto. According to City News, the journalist has recently returned to Somalia with her husband. 

Nalayeh was known for founding and producing Integration TV, which often focused on events and stories from the Somali-Canadian community. 

She was also the founder of the Somali Refugees Awareness Project which works towards helping refugees from across the world. 

Since the attacks, Canadians have shared their love and support on Twitter. This included Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, who states that she is shocked to hear of the tragic events and that her thoughts are with the Nalayeh family at this time. 

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