Seeing people wearing masks in public might just be the new normal. During a live update on Wednesday, May 20, B.C. Premier John Horgan echoed the advice of Canadian health officials to wear face masks while out of the house. Though this may be encouraged, it's ultimately a personal decision, he noted. 

Since the beginning of COVID-19, people the been actively buying and wearing face masks. In fact, there have even been a number of cases in the province where people have been reselling masks. 

While people have been taking it upon themselves to purchase the PPE, there are no rules in B.C. stating that masks are mandatory. 

During the recent update to the public, B.C.’s premier spoke in support of the National Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam’s decision to recommend wearing masks. 

He did reiterate that it's a “personal decision” as to whether or not you wish to wear one. 

Horgan noted that the masks being worn by community members do not need to be medical grade N95 masks. Rather, they can be homemade cloth masks. 

Since restrictions are being lifted and health and safety measures are still in place, Horgan said that we could be seeing an increasing number of people wearing masks in public spaces such as transit.

The official echoed Tam’s viewpoint on the masks, saying that they are a “protection to others rather than a protection to yourself.”

It looks like the premier is taking these messages clearly because apparently he has about half a dozen cloth masks himself. 

Horgan's apparently “trying to find the right look” for himself. 

“I’ll certainly be wearing a mask if I can’t physical distance and I encourage all other British Columbians to do the same thing,” said Horgan. 

Now that things are beginning to open up, more health and safety measures are being put in place. 

For instance, B.C. hair salons and restaurants are under new enhanced health and safety precautions that can include the use of non-medical masks.

For B.C., the slow relaunch program began Tuesday, May 19. 

This phase allowed for the reopening of non-essential businesses including restaurants, bars, barbers, and dentist offices. 

Despite resections being lifted, physical distancing protocols are still in place and people are encouraged to stay home if they aren’t feeling well. 

The latest data provided by the B.C. Government reads that there are 2,467 cases of COVID-19 in the province. 

There have been 149 deaths and over 2,000 recoveries. 

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