If you've ever wanted to look like someone else, even for a day, this mask will help you do that. A Tokyo store called Kamenya Omote is selling hyper-realistic human face masks made from 3D printing technology. 

The owner of the shop, Shuhei Okawara, told Reuters that he thought it would be fun to "buy or sell faces" like in a fantasy story.

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The masks aren't cheap, either. They'll go on sale for 98,000 yen or CA$1,200 early next year.*

According to the Ottawa Citizen, Okawara chose his original model for the mask from more than 100 applicants.

He plans to keep adding more faces to the collection, the outlet reports.

Okawara was able to lift the features of the unnamed individual onto the mask and give them a realistic 3D look.

It's terrifying and fascinating at the same time. 

*Editor's note: This article has been updated. 

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