While many of us rely on Facebook for work, school and our social life, may Canadians are distraught as Facebook seems to have shut down across Canada. At the moment, there are multiple reports from Canadians that they are unable to access Facebook and people are freaking out about it on Twitter. According to downdetector.ca  there have been multiple reports of people who are unable to access the popular social media website throughout Canada. 

*Update at May 29 2:58 PM: Facebook has been restored and is no longer down in Canada. 

Users are claiming that when attempting to access the Facebook website, the site is refusing to load and showing a blank white screen. 

While a Facebook outage isn't the end of the world, this isn't the first time that the popular social media site has gone down this year. Back in March, Facebook went down around the world for over two hours leading to many of its users being outraged that they were unable to gain access to the site. 

The exact same issue also occurred back in April when Facebook was down again for two hours where people around the world were unable to gain access to Facebook, Instagram, or Whatsapp. 

Now, following its monthly pattern of outages, Facebook has gone down again for the month of May. How long the outage has lasted is still undetermined, but multiple people have taken to Twitter to express their concerns, and their reactions are hilarious.

Some users are also claiming that the outage affects more than just Canada and that global outages are also currently occurring in places such as the US. 

Facebook has yet to make a public announcement regarding the outages that have been experiencing today and what really caused their third big outage this year. 

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