Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp were down for almost an entire day yesterday, and this sent users around the world into a total frenzy. Facebook services are said to be back to normal today and the company has now revealed the reason for the global outage, but people are still not satisfied

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Yesterday on Wednesday, March 13, Facebook took to another working social media platform, Twitter, to reveal that the platform was down worldwide.

They were vague about the reason for the outage and did not provide a concrete answer as to why the servers were down globally. In their tweet, Facebook simply said they were working to fix the issue and reassured users that it was not a DDoS attack.

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Now, Facebook has finally provided some more concrete answers for their global outage. They posted a tweet on Twitter just one hour ago on Thursday, March 14 citing the reason for the outage. They announced that they have fixed the issue and that their servers were recovering. 

Check out the tweet from Facebook below. 

The reason for the global outage that lasted nearly 24 hours? Facebook says it was due to a server configuration change. "We made a server configuration change that triggered a cascading series of issues," the social media giant said in a statement to USA Today.

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"As a result, many people had difficulty accessing our apps and services. Our systems have been recovering over the last few hours."

Everyone was wondering what the reason for the outage was. Now, Facebook has provided an answer, but some people still are not satisfied. Check out what they had to say in response on Twitter. 

Several people questioned their response. 

Many people took the opportunity to roast Facebook. 

Tons of people also claimed that Facebook was still not working for them at the moment, even after it was announced that the issue was resolved. 

Facebook continues to deny that the outage was due to a hack or an attack, CNN reports. 

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This was the worst outage that Facebook has ever experienced in its history, according to CNN. The platform currently has around 2.3 billion monthly active users. 

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