Ever since noon yesterday (eastern time), Facebook has been unavailable. While the experience was different for everyone and the site is back up for many people, Facebook is still down for some users after almost 24 hours. 

The problem many people were reporting yesterday and still today was that they were able to log in and load the pages but couldn't post, comment, like or engage with the posts on the site at all. For other people, they weren't even able to log into the site at all. The outage also resulted in other apps in the Facebook family being down, particularly Whatsapp and Instagram. 

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Fortunately, Instagram announced last night that they were back up and running around midnight, but Facebook's official Twitter account has given no such update on the outage there. That's because while many people are overjoyed today to see the networks come back up, others are still being left completely in the dark by both Facebook and Instagram.

Having been almost 24 hours since the site first went down, this officially makes it the longest outage in history. In fact, that record was broken last night around 2 AM EST when the outage hit the 14-hour mark. This is understandably a big hit to the company since millions of users were unable to access their platforms. Without Facebook, they are turning to Twitter to express their feelings. 

Hundreds of user have been confirming online that their accounts are still down or that they can't post. 

Meanwhile, others are expressing their anger towards the company Facebook. 

Of course, there are also all the conspiracy theories. 

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If Facebook is still down for you today, just know, you're not alone! 

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