In the wake of her failed lawsuit against Bell Media last month, Faith Goldy - third runner-up in Toronto's mayoral election - has launched a line of overpriced Canadian heritage merch to supplement her cash flow. Following her loss, Goldy announced that it wouldn't be the last Toronto will be seeing of her. Now, it seems that she's proving that to be true - but, for all the wrong reasons.

A report by Canadaland reveals that Goldy has started selling t-shirts, sweatshirts and mugs with the Canadian Coat of Arms emblem printed on them, on eCommerce platform GearBubble. As Canadaland points out, Canada's federal regulation regarding the commercial use of Canadian symbols makes this practice illegal. 

The Government of Canada states that "The Coat of Arms and National Flag of Canada are protected by the Trade-marks Act against unauthorized use for commercial purposes."

According to their website, "No person shall adopt in connection with a business, as a trade mark or otherwise, any mark consisting of, or so nearly resembling as to be likely to be mistaken for... e) the arms, crest or flag".

Via GearBubble

Goldy revealed on Twitter this week that she is "super excited" about the launch of the clothing line. The description reads, "Canada has a proud history, worthy of honour. In order to know where we're heading, we have a duty to acknowledge where we came from. Faith Goldy's Canadian Heritage Line employs traditional Canadian symbols which illustrate our European heritage and deep desire for a better nation!"

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Goldy was once at the centre of attention for referencing a fourteen-word slogan made popular by white supremacist David Lane, on a podcast. Not only did she refuse to apologize for publicly reciting the words, but she also defended herself for it. Which led to websites like Patreon and PayPal disabling her accounts, barring her from receiving cash donations from her supporters.

Even so, Goldy's clothing line has made sales. GearBubble indicates that 5 mugs, 13 hoodies and 6 t-shirts have already been sold. Clearly, there are people out there who love Goldy enough to shell out $15 on a ceramic mug which, as Goldy describes, is "to be filled with communist tears and motivation to make your country better, every day!"

Will Goldy's clothing line fail as miserably as her attempt to sue Bell Media? Only time will tell.


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