Grab your winter coat and your sunglasses, too! Fall in Canada is all over the place right now and the country’s hottest and coldest spots have a huge temperature difference.

The new season has officially kicked-off, but Canada’s fall conditions are anything but consistent.

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35 C

The difference between Canada's hot and cold spots

At around 11 a.m. on September 28, it was a toasty 25.2 degrees in Ingonish Beach, Nova Scotia. 

At the same time, Resolute Airport in Nunavut recorded below-freezing conditions as low as -9.8 C. 

This means there’s a temperature difference of 35 C between these hot and cold spots, which is pretty significant!


While temperatures above 20 C were recorded in cities like Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal on Monday morning, it was much cooler elsewhere.

In Regina and Saskatoon, temperatures failed to climb above 5 C before 11 a.m. 

While it’s pretty pleasant right now, the long-range forecast predicts that we’re all in for a long, cold and snowy winter. 

Prepare to wrap up warm, Canada!

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