Is it too early to talk about autumn? Fall in Canada isn't officially here yet but the east is getting a hint of the upcoming season at the end of August. However, at the same time, the west is warming up with the summer heat that the other half of the country has been experiencing for months.

The Weather Network has released a sneak peek into the last couple of weeks of summer and what September has in store for all of Canada.

While this season has been a scorcher in the east with temperature records being broken, a switch-up in the weather pattern means that people are getting an early taste of fall in some provinces.

Cooler weather is making a brief appearance in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada for the end of the month.

According to The Weather Network, there really isn't anything unusual about this cooldown.

However, it may be shocking when compared to the sizzling heat that's been dominant this season for those provinces.

For anybody who's done with summer and wants to move on, this break in the heat is a nice treat and an opportunity to do some autumnal activities and get an early start on the season.

On the other hand, record temperatures are warming up western Canada.

While it's already moved on from parts of B.C., the rest of the region is still feeling the heat.

For some parts of the end of the month, the scorching summer conditions will mean low to mid-30s for the southern Prairies.

Don't expect this to stick around for long.

During the final days of the month, this pattern is going to break down.

Temperatures across the country won't be one way or the other. For most spots, there will be a mix of above seasonal and below seasonal days.

For September, near seasonal or below seasonal temperatures will take over the west while from southern Manitoba to Newfoundland it'll be above seasonal but with no consistent heat.

It's important to remember that what's considered a seasonal temperature has already started to drop across the country.

Above-normal temperatures in September aren't as hot as ones in July.

So, fall is on the way whether you like it or not!

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