You may already have your plans set for the long weekend, but if they have anything to do with the outdoors, you may want to reconsider. The forecast for Family Day weather in Ontario warns of a huge and sudden temperature just in time for the break, resulting in some of the coldest temperatures we have had this season. And that's all coming after some significant snow in the build-up, so those long drives out of the city could get messy.

According to The Weather Network, this week in southern Ontario is going to get dramatically colder from Thursday, February 13.

It's all set to begin on Thursday as the GTA and surrounding areas are expected to get more significant snowfall.

In and around the Golden Horseshoe area, this storm system has the potential to dump over 10 centimetres of snow for the Lake Erie, Hamilton, and Niagara Falls region, per TWN.*

The rest of the GTA looks set to get up to a few inches, while north of the city the risk of heavier fall is predictably greater.

The TWN forecast predicts that snow will impact the Thursday morning and evening commutes on many of the major highways and roads in the area.


But there's a double risk for those planning on travelling for Family Day weekend.

While Environment Canada predicts the snowfall will stop by late Thursday, temperatures are going to absolutely plummet after that dump, creating yet more potentially hazardous driving conditions

TWN warns that base temperatures in southern Ontario could drop by a startling 10C between Thursday and Saturday morning.

So, temperatures of below -20C are possible for areas including Mississauga as the weekend begins.

TWN's Dr. Doug Gillham warns: "While it's nothing exceptional for this time of year, it will be a shock to the system in a winter that has had minimal Arctic air."

In comparison to Family Day back in 2019, when the temperature didn't fall below -6C, it could feel a whole different kind of freezing.

With Valentine's Day on Friday, too, you may want to reconsider any outdoor romantic activities you had planned.

According to TWN, Saturday morning is going to be the coldest part of the weekend, feeling at or below -20 degrees even in some southern areas.

February has already experienced its first winter snow and throughout the weekend, drivers were faced with low visibility at times. 

And, with cars having snow dumped on them overnight, some motorists across the province have even been venting their Canadian "road rage" by cleaning off cars that are posing a risk on the roads.

If you are travelling this Family Day weekend, be warned, stay warm, and drive prepared! 

*This article has been updated.

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