When it comes to hockey, it's clear that it's Canada's game, so I probably don't have to explain to you what the Stanley Cup is. If you've been living under a rock, once you win the Stanley Cup finals, you get the hoist that insane trophy in the air, and after the confetti settles, you get your name inscribed on one of the tiers. 

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Unfortunately in the wake of another final series and eventual winner of the 2017/2018 series, three iconic names from the spot will be removed from the award and people are not impressed. Those names? Robert Hull, Maurice Richard and Gordie Howe... yeah some pretty huge names to say the least. 

The three players aren't the only ones who will have their names taken off the cup, as all players who won an NHL championship between 1954 and 1965 will also be erased from Lord Stanley.

Why exactly are they all getting wiped away after winning their right to have their name displayed fair and square?! It's all part of tradition. 

Considering that the Stanley Cup is only so big, with each upcoming season, the space on the cup gets smaller and smaller. So it's out with the old and in with the new every 13 years when a few iconic years of hockey are wiped away to make room for new winners.

While a name on a trophy getting wiped off doesn't take the big win away from any of the players, it definitely does sting this year especially considering we are losing some pretty iconic names. 

So if you've dreamed of having your name on Lord Stanley, maybe keep in mind it'll only actually be on the cup for 65 years max. In honour of losing those three iconic names this year, let's look at some of their best moments: 

Source: CBC News 

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