While many of us view dogs as our furry and friendly companions, they are also intelligent creatures that can help police units deal with multiple search and rescue cases. In fact, one puppy named Gusztav is going above and beyond and is currently in training to become Canada's first ever 'superpower' dog. Once he completes his training, he will be working with the Canadian Rescue Hovercraft Pilots Asociation (ARSU One) to help save lives. 

ARSU One has announced that Gusztav, who was only born in February is under extensive training with his partner and handler John to become the first ever Water Rescue K9 that will be deployed by hovercraft. While this Portuguese Waterdog isn't even a year old, he has already started his training and has begun his journey to save lives. 

Gusztav's handler John Maczko, told CTV News that once he is fully trained, some of his doggy duties will be helping to assist the dive team in search and rescues. The water dog will be able to deliver lines and life jackets to victims in the water and also give equipment to dive team members. 

One of the most impressive things that this new rescue pup will be able to do is be deployable by hovercraft. In fact, he will be only the only water rescue dog that will be deployable via hovercraft, aiding divers during desperate emergencies. 

While it will still be a few years before Gusztav is ready for action, he's already part of the team as he follows around his handler, John.

Earlier this week, Gusztav was given the title 'superpower' dog after he visited the premiere screening to the new movie "Superpower Dogs" in Regina.

According to Global, the film features Portuguese Water Dogs who are similar to Gusztav, and Gusztav was happy to meet viewers as the newest addition to this water dog team. 

Not only will Gusztav be a rescue dog, but he is also there to help his handler John cope with some the situations he has to deal with as a rescue worker. 

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