For so many Canadians, fall is easily the best time of year. With nature’s incredible changing colours, the pumpkin-spiced-everything, Halloween and the best Insta-opportunities of the whole year, what’s not to love?! The first day of fall in Canada was officially September 23, and Canadians country-wide are already celebrating this beautiful change in season by sharing some magical start-of-fall photos on social media.

If you’re thinking of heading out into the last of the warm weather to capture some delightful fall photos, don’t delay! According to the Ontario fall colour report 2019, now is one of the best times to get out there and get those Insta-perfect shots!

The 2019 report revealed that the best time to experience the most vibrant colours of fall is between mid-September and mid-October, meaning that we are currently right in the midst of the most magical time!

However, if you’ve got a busy weekend up ahead and won’t have time to get out amongst nature before October, don’t worry! Canadians cross-country have been getting up close and personal with the September leaves, and have already started sharing some of their best shots on social media.

Beautiful photos of Canada’s changing leaves have been shared regularly on Twitter since the official start of fall on Monday. One Twitter user shared an adorable photo of her dog resting in the bright fall leaves, writing, “My puppy enjoying a break in the fall leaves during her afternoon walk.”

Another Canadian Twitter user shared an amazing video of a fall maple leaf dancing in the wind in Nova Scotia, that almost looked like an animation! The user simply described it as, “Autumn magic!”

Another Canadian Twitter user shared a stunning shot of a fall-scene in Ontario. They wrote, “Happy Autumn! Welcoming the season of colourful leaves, cozy sweaters, hot chocolate and all things pumpkin! This btw, is one of my favourite Fall captures.”

One person simply added, "Nothing beats Autumn in Canada."

If you’re ready to head out and capture some Insta-worthy shots of the incredible fall-leaves in Canada, I have even better news for you!

Environment Canada is predicting a slightly milder fall than usual in most parts of the country, with climatologists predicting "warmer than normal" temperatures this year. 

This means that there is literally no excuse to not get your favourite fall sweater on, grab your camera phone, and head out into nature! But don't forget to be quick! These breathtaking autumnal colours will not be around for long!

There are stories everywhere. If you spot a newsworthy event in your city, send us a message, photo, or video @NarcityCanada on Twitter and Instagram.

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